Fixed System
  1. Use the tension clamp to clamp both end of the architectural mesh.
  2. Install the clevis bolts onto tension clamp and fasten them to the tension profile.
  3. Adjust the clevis bolts for precise tension of each horizontal elements.
  4. Adjust or minimize the sagging of each mesh element through setting the required tension.
Removable System – Without Sagging
  1. Tie the architectural mesh onto frames. To avoid sagging, the architectural mesh should be tied onto the frame under pretension condition.
  2. Fix one side of the frames onto the suspension with hinge.
  3. Use the hexagon key to access through the mesh and fix the other end of frame onto suspension bracket with shoulder bolt.
  4. When needed, remove the shoulder bolt, and panel hinged open for access (repairing, maintaining or installation).
Ceiling Suspension System
  1. Frame structures will be laser cut into flat fins or any designed suitable shapes at the factory.
  2. Install the laser cut frame structures onto the round bars.
  3. Tie the architectural mesh onto structure frames with stainless steel tying wires.
  4. Fasten the round bars onto hangers from the roof trusses.
Available Types
  • Muses
  • Athena
  • Hephaistos
  • Triton
  • Astraios