Metal decorative mesh for hotel ceilings

Metal Decorative Mesh offers Flexible Designs for Hotel Applications

For many travelers, hotels are not just a place to stay for the night. They are more like a destination, a place that feels like home. Nearly 7 in 10 hotel guests want their stay to center around unique experiences. As a result, we can conclude that a unique hotel design can attract guests and bring them extraordinary experiences.

Metal decorative mesh is one of the many materials hotels can harness to make themselves stand out. Strong and versatile, metal decorative mesh has long been a favorite design element for many interior designers.

Our metal decorative mesh comes in a wide range of materials, finishes, opening sizes, and weaves, offering great flexibility to suit a variety of design styles. Depending on the hotel style, you may use metal decorative mesh to achieve contemporary, rustic, and traditional looks in hotel interior design.

Hotel lobbies and restaurants are among the first places many guests to see. Making a good impression on your guests is definitely a good start. Metal decorative mesh can deliver functionality and practicality to these places in a variety of ways.

Among many partition materials, metal decorative mesh blocks glare and provides a sense of privacy without fully blocking guests' views. In addition, its mesh structure makes it will not block the flow of air. Compared with textile partitions, metal decoration mesh is non-flammable, durable, not easy to fade under sunlight, and easy to clean.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel lobby partition

Metal decorative mesh often acts as hotel ceilings. When the light shines on the metal decorative mesh, due to it metal texture, it reflects the light and delivers a feeling of warm to guests. Meanwhile, great metal decorative mesh design also helps to bring the quality of the hotel to a new level, creating a upscale environment. In addition, it conceals pipelines going through the ceilings and enhance the aesthetic of the hotel systems while maintaining the normal operation of the ventilation system and fire main water spraying system.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel lobby ceiling

Metal decorative mesh can also spruce up hotel windows and create a high-end ambiance. The metal decorative mesh is anodized and treated with a coating, perfect for creating the curtains' popping colors. In addition, it can block most of glare and act as a sun shade. Moreover, its metal properties enable the metal decorative mesh to absorb most of the solar energy, reduce thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of the building and cool the building, thus reducing the consumption of cooling energy and realizing the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel curtains

Metal decorative mesh often serves as stair balustrades. Compared with glass panels, metal decorative mesh has great pliability and can be can be extended along the slope of the stairs and the running track of the rails to effectively avoid material waste. Made of metal material, its rigidity and tensile strength are higher than those of wood and glass materials. Meanwhile, it offers great fall protection to prevent guests from falling.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel balustrades

Metal decorative mesh is generally adopted for hotel elevator cab decoration. Featured by aesthetic, lightweight and durable, decorative mesh integral perfectly blends the elevator cab with the lobby in a way of flexible weaving and seamless design. Meanwhile, its high strength can protect the elevator cab from damage and extend the service life of the elevator cab. Besides, its slick surface does no harm to pedestrians.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel elevator cab

Meal decorative mesh can also serve as wall coverings for hotel corridors. It has pretty appearance, flexible stitching and great interior decoration effect. In addition, it has great impact resistance and abrasion resistance compared with wood coverings.

Our metal decorative mesh is easy to clean and maintain compared with wallpapers and tiles. Moreover, it regulates the indoor temperature by absorbing solar energy and its metal property makes it have excellent fireproof performance.

Metal decorative mesh for hotel wall covering
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