Argger decorative mesh for theater

Argger Decorative Mesh with Great Acoustic & Partition Design Effect

With the rapid development of the global economy, people's cultural consumption demand keeps growing as well. Classic plays and programs satisfy people's spiritual needs, as a result, the number of theaters grows rapidly worldwide.

Nowadays, theatre has become an important landmark of the economic development and cultural prosperity of a city. In the architectural design, decorative mesh for theater not only realizes effective space partition functionally, but also offers great audio-visual feasts in the sensory design.

Argger decorative mesh for theater partition

Functional Partitioning

To maximize the profit, theaters are generally divided into function zones in large or small sizes. In functional design, intensive partitioning approach is adopted for functional partitioning.

Therefore, in terms of the selection of materials for functional partitioning, the metal material complies with the code of fire protection of the theatre compared with the textile material. In comparison, for partitions made of wood and concrete, metal decorative mesh has higher value of use and can be used to meet different site demands by raising and lowering a motorized reel.

Our Argger decorative mesh ensures the privacy of the space while keeping the natural air flow.

Argger decorative mesh for wall covering

Sensory Design

In the theater design, both the pursuit of the beauty of the style and the use of acoustics shall be considered. The acoustic design of the theater plays a leading role in the project construction. A good acoustic design can bring audience unparalleled sensory experiences.

Our metal decorative mesh performs excellent acoustic effect in design. The quality of the sound it scattered outperforms wood, fabric and plastic acoustic decorative materials. In addition, the sound propagation travels faster in metal than that of other materials.

Our Argger decorative mesh not only brings you amazing acoustic enjoyment but also creates a unique indoor spectacle when the light bounces off the metal fabric.

  • Great acoustic effect. Metal decorative mesh is because it can be shaped and curved in very specific ways to enhance the acoustic quality or act as absorption barriers.
  • Exceptional durability. Thanks to its natural metal properties, Argger decorative mesh has great strength and is not easy to damage.
  • Good air ventilation. Under the premise of guaranteeing privacy, Argger decorative mesh keeps air flowing freely inside the theater when compared with textile curtain partitions.
  • Excellent visual effect. When the light or sunshine bounces off the decorative mesh, its unique metal texture reflects different colors and bring you unparalleled visual experiences.
Application Cases

Our Argger decorative mesh applies to

  • Partition. It ensures the privacy of the space while keeping the natural air flowing freely.
  • Wall covering. Long service life, not easy to damage.
  • Ceiling. In addition to offering great acoustic effect, it can also act as a sound diffuser.
  • Security barrier. It improves the softness of the light and the quality of the sound.