Metal decorative mesh acts as office partitions.

Metal Decorative Mesh Creates A Sound Environment for Office Workers

Office is an integral part of a company and office environment has a direct impact on the profitability of the company. Besides, it also represents the image of the company and directly affects the customers' recognition of the company strength. A company with sound working environment not only meet both physical and mental needs of employees but also attract more customers for cooperation.

As a result, the material chosen for office decoration becomes increasingly important. Metal decorative mesh stands out due to its unique decoration effects and functionality and attracts the eyes of countless office decoration designers.

Metal Curtain

When customers come to visit and discuss confidential businesses, drawing the metal curtain is a great choice. The mesh structure makes the metal decorative mesh create a translucent privacy space without blocking the day lighting. The metal decorative mesh is anodized and treated with a coating, perfect for creating the curtains' popping colors. In addition, it can block most of glare and act as a sun shade. Moreover, its metal properties enable the metal decorative mesh to absorb most of the solar energy, reduce thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of the building and cool the building, thus reducing the consumption of cooling energy and realizing the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Metal decorative mesh functions as office curtain.

Metal decorative mesh often acts as partitions to divide the office into several working areas to avoid the embarrassment of communicating with different customers in the same space. Our metal decorative mesh has beautiful patterns, flexible combinations and great designability. In addition, it allows the air flowing freely within the space due to its unique mesh structure. Moreover, its metal property enables it have a high fire rating and offers a higher safety performance than that of vine woven partitions.

Metal decorative mesh serves as office partitions.

Metal decorative mesh often acts as office wall coverings.

In recent years, metal decorative mesh has been widely used as wall coverings for interior decoration. It is often used in simple natural style decoration to add a modern sense to the interior space. In addition, its strength is higher than that of wallpaper, wood and other decorative materials, therefore, it can perfectly protect the wall surface from damage. Moreover, metal decorative mesh is an eco-friendly material as it can be reused and recycles up to 100% and do no harm to the environment.

Metal decorative mesh acts as office wall coverings.
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