Metal decorative mesh acts as apartment facade.

Metal Decorative Mesh with Versatile Uses for Many Residential Places

Metal decorative mesh is an interesting decoration material that brings every project new vigor and vitality. In residential decorations, metal decorative mesh is originally used as a protective mesh of glass windows and ventilation systems. However, as the technology advances, this material has become more versatile. Metal decorative mesh can be made of different metals into different styles depending on how they are woven to perfectly fit to a diversity of design elements.

As a result, metal decorative mesh has been favored by countless interior designers and is widely used in various residential applications.

Metal decorative mesh often acts as residential cladding materials or facades.

Metal decorative mesh offers privacy and sun shading functions for family members. Its mesh structure creates a translucent privacy space while maintaining natural air flow and blocking glare. Its metal property enables the facade can reflect and absorb up to 70% of solar energy, thereby achieving the purpose of sun shading and temperature reduction. In addition, its high strength can protect the building structure from damage.

Metal decorative mesh works as single-family residential facade.

Metal decorative mesh often works as partitions in the house.

Metal decorative mesh often works as partitions in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. Its mesh structure allows the metal decorative mesh to create a privacy space while maintaining the air flow and day lighting. Besides, metal decorative mesh has beautiful patterns, flexible combinations and great designability. Moreover, metal decorative mesh features high strength, not easy to damage, moisture proof, fireproof and durable compared with partitions made of vines and wood.

We can customize metal decorative mesh in a variety of patterns, heights and sizes upon request.

Metal decorative mesh acts as living room partition.

Metal decorative mesh often functions as security barrier in the house.

Metal decorative mesh often acts as balcony balustrades and staircase safety barriers. When designing a balustrade system, metal decorative mesh provides great fall protection while adding aesthetic to the house. Thanks to its great rigidity and tensile strength properties, when the decorative mesh is fully tensioned, it can withstand an impact load of 200 lbs. per square foot (976.15 kg per square meter) of the mesh. As a result, it offers great load bearing capacity and an effective fall protection measure.

Compared with glass panels and wood barriers, metal decorative mesh has great pliability and can be can be extended along the slope of the stairs and the running track of the rails to effectively avoid material waste. In addition, its lightweight reduces the consumption of labors and materials.

Metal decorative mesh functions as stair security barriers.

Metal decorative mesh often acts as indoor curtains.

The metal decorative mesh is anodized and treated with a coating, perfect for creating the curtains' popping colors. In addition, it adds a meal texture and creates a soft, translucent privacy space while maintaining the day lighting and air flow within the space. Moreover, its metal property makes the metal decorative mesh nonflammable and reduces the risk of fire compared with textile curtains.

Metal decorative mesh serves as bedroom curtain.

Metal decorative mesh often functions as kitchen and bathroom ceilings.

In recent years, metal decorative mesh ceilings are getting an increasingly popular among home decorations. In the decorative aspect, metal decorative mesh offers a strong 3D effect and a sense of modern and works with a variety of design styles. Compared with other materials like PVC ceiling, metal decorative mesh has a higher compressive performance, and is not easy to deform and fall off. Besides, it enjoys a longer service life than that of PVC ceilings.

Featured by high temperature resistant, fireproof, moisture proof and easy to clean, metal decorative mesh is commonly used in ceiling decorations of kitchens and bathrooms.

Metal decorative mesh works as kitchen ceiling.
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