Metal decorative mesh for shopping center applications

Metal Decorative Mesh – A Popular Element in Shopping Center Design

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, consumers shift towards a virtual reality where online shopping is rapidly taking over bricks and mortar experiences. Attracting more visitors are becoming the primary target of shopping centers. To this end, shopping centers began to find a new breakthrough in design to make their shopping centers stand out and have unique a charm to attract more visitors. Choosing the right material is the key for designers to make their design turn into reality.

Metal decorative mesh has versatile applications and offers an extraordinary modern sense to perfectly work with the exterior design and layout of the shopping mall. As a result, metal decorative mesh is becoming popular every year in shopping center construction.

In the parking lot design, metal decorative mesh is generally applied to the exterior walls of the parking lot.

In addition, metal decorative mesh can act as a natural ventilation system. Its mesh opening allows sufficient air flowing through the mesh, discharging automobile exhaust outside the parking lot and improving the air quality in the space.

Besides, it can function as a light barrier to reduce the sunlight exposure, thus offering effective sun protection for parking lots and maintaining a comfortable temperature within the parking lot.

Featured by rigid and durable, metal decorative mesh can function as a protective barrier to prevent customers from falling off. When it is fully tensioned, it can withstand an impact load of 200 lbs. per square foot (976.15 kg per square meter) of the mesh. As a result, it offers great load bearing capacity and an effective fall protection measure.

Metal decorative mesh is applied to the exterior wall of the parking lot.

The unique metal texture of metal decorative mesh lends more sense of modern to the shopping center. Under the sunlight during the day, it refracts the sunlight into different colors. When the night falls, it reduces the brightness of the light and softens the light, creating a warm ambience.

Metal decorative mesh has a higher use value over cement, tile, wood and other decorative materials due to its exceptional durability and not easy to fall off features. Besides, its nonflammable property reduces the risk of fire and conforms to the fire code.

In addition, its metal properties enable the metal decorative mesh to absorb most of the solar energy and reduce thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of the building, thus realizing the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Metal decorative mesh functions as shopping center facades.

Wall coverings are generally applied to interior walls of the shopping center to protect them from damage and extend their service life. Compared with wood coverings, metal decorative mesh is insusceptible to moisture and has high strength, as a result, it is not easy to damage and reduces the replacement costs.

Metal decorative mesh acts as shopping center wall coverings.

When the light bounces off the metal decorative mesh, it reflects the light and makes it softer, creating a warm ambiance. Its metal property makes the metal decorative mesh nonflammable and becomes an ideal fireproof material. Moreover, its mesh structure makes it a perfect choice for ventilation systems and its rigidity and durability makes it a great choice for concealing pipelines passing through the ceiling.

Metal decorative mesh serves as shopping center ceilings.

Metal decorative mesh can act as shopping center partitions. Its transparency allows two sections connecting to each other to provide a flexible design and moldability. Compared with wood, textile and concrete partitions, metal decorative mesh adds texture while maintaining a soft and translucent appearance. Furthermore, it ensures air circulation without affecting the day lighting.

Metal decorative mesh acts as shopping center partitions.

In the shopping center elevator cabs, beautiful, lightweight and durable meal decorative mesh has been a popular choice among architects and designers as it can perfectly blend the elevator cab with the shopping venue through flexible, seamless design. Its rigidity protects the elevator from damage and extends the service life of the elevator cab. In addition, its slick surface does no harm to passengers or goods.

Metal decorative mesh for shopping center elevator cab

When designing a balustrade system, metal decorative mesh provides great fall protection while adding aesthetic to the shopping center. Compared with glass panels, metal decorative mesh has great pliability and can be can be extended along the slope of the stairs and the running track of the rails to effectively avoid material waste. In addition, its lightweight reduces the consumption of labors and materials.

Metal decorative mesh functions as shopping center security barriers.
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