Metal decorative mesh for school facade

Metal Decorative Mesh Provide Safety Protection in School Applications

Schools are typical places for culture inheritance and knowledge continuity. With the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the public begin to put higher requirements on the learning environment.

We believe a good surrounding environment and great architectural design do help creating a sound learning environment and improving the learning efficiency.

Metal decorative mesh becomes a perfect choice for various school applications as it is both functional and aesthetic. It is widely used in a variety of schools and functions as facades, ceilings, safety barrier, etc.

Protecting the building inside from overheating

Acting as a cladding material for buildings, metal decorative meshes are attached to the exterior walls of the building, and its special mesh structure gives the building a strong sense of aesthetic. In addition, its metal properties enable the metal decorative mesh to absorb most of the solar energy and reduce thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of the building, thus realizing the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Our Argger metal decorative mesh can reduce up to 70% of heat conduction, while maintaining its visual transparency and achieving energy saving goals.

Metal architectural mesh surrounds the whole building
Showcasing the best acoustic performance

Functioning as a decorative material in schools, metal decorative mesh is typically used as classroom ceilings. Among so many acoustic decorative materials, for example, wood acoustical boards, fabric soft-packaged acoustical boards, polyester fiber acoustical boards, their main function is to achieve acoustic absorption, sound insulation and shock absorption.

In addition, metal decorative mesh offers great sound transmission and diffusion effects among acoustic decorative materials. Sound wave travels 5200 meters per second in metal, which is almost 2 times faster than those of cork and pine.

Meanwhile, metal decorative mesh delivers fabulous visual effect and fantastic sense of modern. It has great ductility and can be made into bead curtains, diamond openings, etc. In addition, metal decorative mesh can also be made into ornaments for people to enjoy.

Metal decorative mesh for classroom ceilings
Acting as safety barrier

During the school construction, the safety of students and teachers is always a top priority.

Metal decorative mesh can act as a safety barrier between levels to prevent people or objects from falling through a level gap. The application of metal decorative mesh not only extends the height and span between levels, but also demonstrates its dynamic beauty and functionalities.

In addition, it can be installed in front of windows to protect the safety of students and teachers. Thanks to its unique mesh structure, it provides an unobstructed view from inside the classroom while maintaining the transparency, air flow and sun shading functions.

In addition to great transparency, our Argger decorative mesh has higher strength than glass panels and is not easy to damage, and can better protect the safety of students and teaching faculty.

Application Cases