Metal decorative mesh for restaurant ceiling

Metal Decorative Mesh Improves the Overall Design of the Restaurant

From high-end dining restaurant to cafes and bistros, many modern eatery interiors share one common element: metal decorative mesh. Whether designers want to create a feeling of luxurious or a contemporary industrial vibe, the inclusion of metal decorative mesh brings an amazing experience for the senses.

We have a wide range of metal material selection, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. These metal materials are made into metal decorative mesh in various styles and types after special processing process and weaving technique to satisfy a variety of visual aesthetic and functional demands.

Metal decorative mesh delivers an excellent sense of design and can perfectly fit with the design of the whole restaurant in terms of tone, texture and material. In the minimalist modern industrial style, metal decorative mesh is a perfect simplistic product. It mixes the simplicity of minimalism with the ruggedness of modern industrial style, which improves the overall design of the restaurant.

In the design of a dining room, in addition to decoration, metal decorative mesh can function as a partition. Its unique mesh structure provides a privacy space while maintaining natural air flow and bright lights.

Metal decorative mesh for restaurant divider

Metal decorative mesh comes in a variety of flexible design styles and diverse colors and can perfectly mix with the luxurious design style of the dining hall.

Metal decorative mesh can act as the dinning ceiling. When the light shines on the mesh, it reflects the light, makes it softer and creates a luxurious ambiance. In addition, it can function as the cover of air conditioning and ventilation systems while maintaining the normal operation of the fire main water spraying system.

Metal decorative mesh for dining ceilings

Metal decorative mesh can also serve as stair balustrades. When designing a stair balustrade system. Metal decorative mesh has great pliability while offering great transparency. As a result, it can be can be extended along the slope of the stairs and the running track of the rails to effectively avoid material waste. Made of metal material, our meal decorative mesh features high strength, not easy to damage and long service life compared with wood and glass decorative materials.

Due to its metal properties, our metal decorative mesh is nonflammable and complies with the fire code, as a result, it is more likely to avoid the risk of fire.

Metal decorative mesh for dining hall balustrade
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