Audience is enjoying the music being played in the concert hall

Argger Decorative Mesh for Concert Hall Offers Best Music Feasts

Concert hall, as its name implies, is a place where concerts and music-related events are hold. Therefore, concert hall is designed to achieve fantastic visual effect as well as amazing acoustic enjoyment.

Metal decorative mesh stands out as it offers great sound transmission and diffusion effects among acoustic decorative materials. That's because sound weave travels almost 2 times faster in metal than cork and pine. Besides, it delivers fabulous visual effect and fantastic sense of modern.

In comparison, wood acoustical boards, fabric soft-packaged acoustical boards and polyester fiber acoustical boards also achieve the purposes of acoustic absorption, sound insulation and shock absorption. However, these materials weaken the music expression effect to some extent.

Therefore, metal decorative mesh is widely used in concert halls and acts as ceilings, partitions, safety barriers, wall coverings, etc.

  • No space limitations. Argger architectural mesh can be supplied according to your requirements to meet your decoration demands.
  • Best visual effect. Our Argger architectural mesh is available in brass, bronze and other surface colors. Coupled with good light reflection effect, it delivers great sense of modern.
  • Amazing acoustic effect. Our Argger architectural mesh can be manufactured into a variety of types to absorb or reflect sound waves and achieve great reverberation effect.
  • Good air circulation. Thanks to its mesh structure, it will not block and limit the air circulation.
Application Cases

In concert halls, our Agger architectural mesh applies to

  • Ceiling. It offers enhanced acoustic effect while scattering soft light.
  • Wall covering. In addition to delivering great acoustic effect, it can also protect walls from damage.
  • Security barrier. It improves the softness of the light and the quality of the sound.