A photo of metal suspended ceiling

Metal Suspended Ceiling Creates Better Light & Shade Effect and Makes More Design Patterns Possible

Metal suspended ceiling adopts metal finish with excellent fabricability and metal texture to improve the diversity and fashion sense of the space and create an interesting, bright and elegant space, making it have more artistic tension than traditional materials. Commonly used metal suspended ceiling materials include metal plates, metal mesh, metal bars and metal gratings.

  • It has excellent resistant to compression and corrosion and a long lifespan.
  • It has good fabricability and can make a variety of design styles.
  • The metal plates are warm colors, making the overall design effect more harmonious.
  • It adopts perforation design to reduce the noise transmission and achieve the effect of room noise insulation.
Design Cases
Hotel restaurant metal suspended ceiling design
Hotel Metal Suspended Ceiling Design
At the entrance, triangle water ripple stainless steel ceiling is adopted to present triangle elements in a form of 3D, making the spatial hierarchy richer and full of modern feeling.
Hotel hall metal suspended ceiling design
Hotel Hall Metal Suspended Ceiling Design
Metal plate can better portray the ceiling lines, offer a subjective, 3D & integral emotion experience and brings a more vivid color effect in the light.
Museum hall uses metal suspended ceiling design.
Museum Hall Metal Suspended Ceiling
Welded frame metal suspended ceiling is adopted, together with hollowed-out design, drawing the distance close between human and the building.
Auto sales exhibition adopts metal suspended ceiling design.
Auto Sales Exhibition Metal Suspended Ceiling
The metal suspended ceiling adopts gray design that perfectly blends into the auto sales store's color scheme. Welded metal suspended ceiling features good stability and high accuracy and offer a uniform ceiling appearance to meet the high quality demands of architects and customers.
Office decorated with metal bar ceiling
Office Decorated with Metal Bar Ceiling
The simple line metal suspended ceiling features simple and powerful. The intersection and overlap between lines brings spatial hierarchy changes and enhances a sense of technology in the design.
Office decorated with metal grating suspended ceiling
Office Decorated with Metal Grating Suspended Ceiling
The aesthetically attractive open ceiling enriches the level of the space and creates a fashionable effect through light and shade under the lamps.