sA picture of white expanded metal sheet sample

Expanded Metal Splice Design Creates An Integral Texture and A Hazy Industrial Metal Aesthetic

Building facade made of expanded metal has unique hazy, transparent surface, offering a stunning effect and a wide range of applications. Through the texture splice of mesh opening, small splice seam brings a visual vanishing sense and forms a perfect interface, thus achieving an integral effect by implementing strictly control of the gap size and their installation directions.

Features & Applications
  • Material features: Flat surface, uniform mesh opening, not easy to break, high tensile strength, good loading capacity, excellent wear resistance.

  • Wide applications: External wall decoration, interior decoration and metal suspended ceiling decoration.

Design Cases
A picture of SMOORE Liutang Industrial Park with expanded metal facade
SMOORE Liutang Industrial Park
The red expanded metal facade attracts the eyes of both passengers and office workers, making it a landmark in this industrial park. Expanded metal facade opens at a certain angle to meet the needs of indoor day lighting and a clear view. Meanwhile, it presents a variety of facade forms, making the building full of new vitality and expression.
A picture of Museum of Contemporary Art facade at New York
New York Museum of Contemporary Art
Covered with 2 layers of aluminum expanded metal, it offers a sparkling texture appearance and enhances the transparency of the building, bring you a light, quiet and hazy feeling.
OEZER headquarter doors & windows exhibition made of expanded metal
OEZER Headquarter Doors & Windows Exhibition
The combination of sustainable green and aluminum alloy gray, it uses gray and black colors to present a vertical segmented steel structure. Meanwhile, the green expanded metal surface creates a new, consistent brand visual image.
Vienna University of Economics and Business facade made of expanded metal
Vienna University of Economics And Business
Expanded metal facade allows light to pass through and offers a certain transparency effect. The fully covered expanded metal facade is perfectly matched with the mortar building, forming an integral architect style while offering a hazy see-through effect.
The clothing store adopts expanded metal suspended ceiling design.
Clothing Store Expanded Metal Suspended Ceiling
The expanded metal ceiling is both functional and beautiful, creating an integral visual effect while retaining the aesthetic feeling of metal industry.
Arcade Conference Center corridor aluminum expanded metal ceiling
Arcade Conference Center Corridor Aluminum Expanded Metal Suspended Ceiling
Lamps are installed on the expanded metal suspended ceiling to stimulate the effect of natural light, thus creating a warm atmosphere.
Expanded metal used in art exhibition
Art Exhibition Decorative Expanded Metal
Expanded metal is used to separate the space into several areas to display paintings of different themes. Meanwhile, it breaks the traditional grid of exhibition space, making it both independent and interrelated.